Calceolaria ex. garden 'B.Porteous'?  in July

Calceolaria ex. garden ‘B.Porteous’? in July

Calceolaria biflora 'Goldcap'

Calceolaria biflora ‘Goldcap’

Calceolaria sp in June

Calceolaria sp in June

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This is a delicate rock garden plant that is borderline hardy here.

Calceolaria biflora ‘Goldcap’

I have one that lived for about 3 years before eaten by voles one winter. I am trying to find replacements, but it is very hard to find in our area

Calceolaria sp

This little plant has stayed more than 2 years so far and even gave me a few bloom this year.

Calceolaria ex. garden B. Porteous

Acquired this from Wrightman’s in 2011.

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