A Garden in Canada – 2016

(Created 23 November 2016)

  • Clematis 'Negritianka', Clematis 'Romantika', Chasmanthium latifolium 'River Mist', Rosa 'Claire Austin' in early July

At the risk of sounding like whining, after simulating Siberian winters in my garden two years in a row, mother nature thought it might be funny to simulate Sahara desert in my garden this year for a change; no rain from May through to end of August! Irrigation pond went dry; the sense of hopelessness…., our casual country garden is looking more ‘casual’ than ever (not to mention the embarrassing garden tour for the ORGHPS).

Surprisingly, most roses and rhododendrons appeared to cope better than perennials; at least on the surface. The full extent of the damage in the plants will be determined by the severity of the coming winter.

(You can still see the previous year’s garden here)

Garden Sanctuaries
…. spots in the garden for me to linger or hangout.

Seasons in Our Garden
…. plants of interest through the gardening seasons.

Favourite Perennials
…. perennials I invited to my garden.

Ornamental Conifers
…. our little collection of ornamental conifers.

Love of Maples
…. some ornamental maples that can survive in our garden.

Lake Shaukou
…. Our small water garden.

Rockery Treasures
…. My experimental rockery garden areas.

Flowering Trees and Shrubs
…. some hardy ornamental deciduous trees and shrubs.

Graceful Grasses
…. my trial uses of ornamental grasses.

Fernery Illusions
…. my curiosity on hardy ferns.

Rhodos and Friends
…. growing rhodos in defiance of mother nature.

Lake Cercis
…. currently, the wild area around our irrigation water hole.