A Garden in Canada – 2015

(Revised Jan 2016)
Mother nature had inflicted a second punishing winter in a row on my garden; possibly the worst winter I can remember. Many mature specimen perished. It was discouraging even for a ‘tough Canadian gardener’ like myself. The prolonged extreme cold temperature revealed some surprises on the true hardiness of some plants. For examples, some Pinus sylvestris suffered severe burn, while Rhododendron ‘Rosebud’, reputed to be hardy to Zone 7 survived even though it was above the snow cover. Rhododendron ‘Anneke Plazek’ that had never sustained any winter damage since it was planted many years ago quit completely.
….Moving on…..The challenge of northern gardening is, as always, not to look backward. Putting on a brave face, I am showing you the presentable survivals here. Please ignore the brown stuff and bare spots in the background here and there.
You can still the previous garden year images here.

Garden Sanctuaries
…. spots in the garden for me to linger or hangout.

Seasons in Our Garden
…. plants of interest through the gardening seasons.

Favourite Perennials
…. perennials I invited to my garden.

Ornamental Conifers
…. our little collection of ornamental conifers.

Love of Maples
…. some ornamental maples that can survive in our garden.

Lake Shaukou
…. Our small water garden.

Rockery Treasures
…. My experimental rockery garden areas.

Flowering Trees and Shrubs
…. some hardy ornamental deciduous trees and shrubs.

Graceful Grasses
…. my trial uses of ornamental grasses.

Fernery Illusions
…. my curiosity on hardy ferns.

Rhodos and Friends
…. growing rhodos in defiance of mother nature.

Lake Cercis
…. currently, the wild area around our irrigation water hole.