Spring Maple

After a long winter, we look forward to spring when the first bulbs are blooming, the flowering shrubs are in full bloom, and the Japanese maples start to bud.  The spring colours of the maples are as varied and vibrant as the autumn foliage.  From the verdant green of the viridis to the cream of the ukegumo and spring ghost and the brilliant yellow/green of the aureum, there is a wide range to chose from.  It is difficult to pick a favourite, but the shimmering coral of the Geisha, the translucent peach of the bonfire, and the rich spring red of the purple ghost are just a few of my favourites.

The various stitch motifs in the shawl represent the maple key, leaf, and tree.

The shawl is triangular/crescent shaped and knit in one piece from the neck down.  It begins at the centre back neck.  The stitch count increases on every right side row.

This is considered to be an intermediate level design.  Both charts and written instructions are provided and there are several stitch motifs.  The stitch count is not constant.  However, an advanced beginner may also enjoy this shawl.

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