My name is Linda, and I am a fibreholic.   Actually, I like all types of crafts.

After 34 years as an engineer, I am retired and finally have (almost) enough time for my hobbies.

I spend too much time on ravlery.  If you are there, please drop by.  My ravelry name is LindaCC and there is even a group for my designs.  Send me a pm and we can talk about knitting, crocheting, spinning, or anything else related.  I have recently become interested in lace knitting.  I especially love Estonian stitches in my lace.  I have several designs available for download from my ravelry designer page.

In the last 2 years I took up spinning.  I love to spin very fine laceweight yarn for my knitting.

This blog will have cover a variety of topics, including current garden photos, knitting projects (usually lace), new designs, links to other designers projects, tutorials on various topics, spinning, carding, and maybe even a few recipes.

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