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First Flowers of Spring

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Finally, after a long winter, spring is finally here.  The first flowering plants are the hamamelis which bloom in March and are almost finished.  We have a red and yellow one by the kitchen window.  They are the first signs of spring.

Often, when the snow melts, we will find heather flowering away under the snow.  Here are a couple of pics.

Heather by the steps

Heather a closer look

The first bulbs of spring are these early blue iris.  I think they are some form of Dutch iris.

early iris bulbs

And then there are the hellebores. Here is one sample.


Pulsatilla and primula are my favourites.

Pulsatilla vulagris

Primula denticulata

And there is someone else who is happy that spring is here. You might recognise him since he is my ravatar on ravelry.

My baby boy

Napping after all the hard work digging up that 15 foot Japanese maple