A garden in Canada – 2017

(Created 10 November 2017)

  • The best time for hanging out in Sanctuary 1

We had an unusually mild winter for a change, but the spring was abnormally wet, followed by a drought lasting from the end of July to end of September.

After a few years of bad winters, we finally were able to see blossoms of our Prunus and Cornus trees, and all the climbing roses also managed to bloom nicely (in a Canadian way). This is also a good year for many of my Rhododendron (in spite of my neglect).

The surprises were that some of the mature Acers and conifers appeared to be in a stunted mode for the whole season. I suspected that, in spite of the mild winter, the prolonged severe drought last year had done serious damages to their root systems. The combination of mild winter and wet spring may be responsible for the worst foliage damage by pests to all my Hosta big and small starting after July. For the first time, I had noticeable rose black spot problems starting after July as well.

Almost all my Clematis flowered well with few wilting problems. The exception is my oldest ‘Betty Corning’. It struggled and appeared to have shrunk to less than half its usual size.

I considered this a good year (for a Canadian garden).

(You can still see the previous year’s garden here)

Garden Sanctuaries
…. spots in the garden for me to linger or hangout.

Seasons in Our Garden
…. plants of interest through the gardening seasons.

Favourite Perennials
…. perennials I invited to my garden.

Ornamental Conifers
…. our little collection of ornamental conifers.

Love of Maples
…. some ornamental maples that can survive in our garden.

Lake Shaukou
…. Our small water garden.

Rockery Treasures
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Flowering Trees and Shrubs
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Graceful Grasses
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Fernery Illusions
…. my curiosity on hardy ferns.

Rhodos and Friends
…. growing rhodos in defiance of mother nature.

Lake Cercis
…. currently, the wild area around our irrigation water hole.